The Editing Path is an an accountability group with a hint of an editing focus. We meet monthly to set editing/writing goals, encourage each other to complete editing/writing projects, present Not-Ready-For-Primetime workshops, and hold brainstorming sessions. After the meeting, we will have a 3-hour Shut Yer Trap & Write session.

The meetings be hold on the third Saturday of the month from 10 am to noon, for the months of January through September. The Shut Yer Trap & Write session follow immediately after. The In-person meetings locations will be sent out via email the week of the meeting, along with a Zoom link for those joining remotely. Similarly, if the Shut Yer Trap & Write session is at a different location than the Editing Path meeting, this will be provided in the email notice. The same Zoom link will be used for both the Editing Path Meeting and the Shut Yer Trap & Write session.

Below is the standard agenda:

  • Review last month’s editing achievements and set goals for the coming month. (60 – 90 min) Goals are store in Editing Path Goals 2024 Google sheet.
  • Not-Ready-For-Primetime Workshop (15-20 min): writing/editing workshop led by one of the members  
  • Brainstorming session (15-30 min): story wall type brainstorming session to help a writer work through a trouble spot in their writing
  • Shut Yer Trap & Write (Editing Path Edition)  from noon to 3 pm. All Journey members are welcome to attend the Shut Yer Trap & Write session.

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More Details

The Editing Path combines aspects of previous Editing Paths, Todd’s Accountability Path, write-ins, and  the Journey General meeting’s workshops.

Writers have their own editing style, are at different stages in the editing process, and are working on different projects (novels, short stories, poems, etc). This makes it difficult to follow a single structured approach to editing, so the Journey Editing Path focuses on writers setting their own editing goals. During the monthly meetings, each writer’s previous month’s goals are reviewed and they set new goals for the upcoming month. We’ve expanded the rules over the years to include any writing/artistic goals.

If it’s your first meeting, don’t worry. Let the team know what you’re working on and set some goals for the next month.

The members want to learn from each other, so time is set aside in each meeting for a short member led writing/editing workshop.

We can all use help getting through trouble spots, so time is allocated in each meeting for a brainstorming session.

Many of us struggle to find time to edit and write, so a writing meetup (aka Shut Yer Trap & Write) is scheduled after each monthly meeting.